How to Extend Projector Lamp Life

The range or projector lamp life is between 750 to 6000 hours, most lamps provide 2000 hours, projector lamps don't just die, they will become dinner which is an indication to purchase a replacement Lamp (contact us for a quote).

Most projectors have counters consult your projector counter to check how many hours it has been used for, don't forget to reset the counter when you install a new lamp.

Extending Projector Lamp Life

  1.     Once the projector is turned on, wait at least seven minutes before turning it off to allow the fan to cool the unit.
  2.     Do not move the projector until the lamp has gone through the seven minute cooling period at the end of operation.
  3.     Make sure the air vent is not blocked during operation.
  4.     Keep the air vent at least 2 feet from a wall or any object. For fixed projector installations pay particular attention to this requirement.
  5.     For Fixed projector consider the air flow of your air-condition, hot air may shorten the lamp life.
  6.     Clean the projector's air vent filter every four to seven months depending on frequency of operation.
  7.     If provided, use the "economy mode" when operating the projector.
  8.     Do not keep projector on if not being used.
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